2020 Mid Year Session

Jan 2020 Mid-Year Y.R.W.
York Rite Body

To the Most Excellent High Priests, P.M.E.H.P., Kings, Scribes, Companions and Heads of Concordant Bodies

Greetings Companions:

Whereas, we recommended at our 69th Annual Grand Convocation; and the Body voted to move our annual regional meeting from March to January and rename the meeting as the “Mid-Year Grand Convocation” to conduct official business. We also continue to align ourselves with the other Louisiana York Rite to create the York Rite Mid-Year Session.

Therefore, I, Harold W. Jett, Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the M.E. Prince Hall Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons for the State of Louisiana, by the power vested in me, I hereby CALL you to assemble on Saturday, January 4, 2020 at  the Best Western Hotel and Convention Center, 2720 MacArthur Drive, Alexandria, LA 71303, 1-318-445-5530. Hotel Rate is $89.00 Kings or Doubles and the Cut-Off Date for Hotel Reservations is December 15, 2019.  We are asking that you please make your hotel reservation under our Group Code of LYR, so we can be afforded the amenities of utilizing our Group rates. (PLEASE MAKE RESERVATION UNDER OUR GROUP CODE.)  The York Rite Male Bodies of Louisiana are combining their respective Mid-Year meetings. We will be part of our 6th York Rite Mid-Year Session. Our registration structure is similar to last year.

Dates                                                                           1 York Rite Body                  2 York Rite Bodies                   3 York Rite Bodies
December 15, 2019                                                             $50.00                                   $70.00                                        $85.00
After December 15, 2019                                                   $70.00                                   $90.00                                        $105.00
After January 1, 2020 and On Site                                  $90.00                                  $130.00                                       $160.00

• 1 Lunch with 1 YR Body
• 2 Lunches with 2 YR Bodies
• 2 Lunches and Snack with 3 YR Bodies

This done and signed under the seal of the Grand Chapter this 1st day of September 2019
Yours in 3 X 3,

Harold W. Jett
M. E. G. H. P.


Albert Landry, Jr.
R.E. Grand Secretary

Mid-Year Grand Convocation – January 4, 2020
Best Western Hotel and Conference Center – Alexandria, Louisiana
11:15 p.m. ~ Lunch
12:30 p.m. Occasional Opening
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call of Officers
3. Roll Call of Chapters
4. Reading of Call
5. Sick and/or Distressed
6. Correspondence Report on Sick and/or Distressed
7. Secretary Report
8. Treasurer Report
9. 2019 York Rite Weekend
 Host
 Opening
 Red and White Ball
 Cookout
 Hospitality
 Committee Reports
 Charters and Dispensations, Appeals &
10. Constitution and By-Laws
11. Convention of Past High Priesthood Updates
12. George A. Shannon Memorial Educational Assistance Awarding Process
13. Educational Assistance Funding
14. Ways and Means (Grand Chapter)
15. Forms
16. Grand Chapter Furniture & Regalia
17. Grand Chapter Book of Marks
18. Souvenir Journal Ads
a. Every elected officer ~ ½ page ad
b. Every appointed officer ~ ¼ page ad
c. Every chapter ~ Minimum of half page ad
d. Companions solicit ads from local businesses.
2:00 p.m. Workshops
3:00 p.m. Education & History Committee
19. Time and Place Committee
20. Registration Report
21. For the Good of the Order
22. Remarks from Head Table & Heads of Houses
23. Remarks from M.E.G.H.P. Emeritus A. D. Teno, III
24. Remarks from M.E.G.H.P. Harold W. Jett
25. Closing
26. Refreshments